How To Fill Your EquiCalc Template


The template provided has the layout as required by the EEOC and their data vendor NORC.
For assistance collecting the relevant data to populate the template or other questions feel free to contact us.

Provide the set of records the EEOC requires for each Establishment in the same form you would provide them to the EEOC. Certain fields are required by EquiCalc.

  • USERID: Not Required
  • STATUSCODE: Required
  • UNITNUMBER: Use a UNIQUE UNIT NUMBER for each establishment whether it is the official number or not
  • UNITNAME: Not Required
  • UNITADDRESS: Not Required
  • UNITADDRESS2: Not Required
  • CITY: Not Required
  • STATE: Not Required
  • ZIPCODE: Not Required
  • COUNTYNAME: Not Required
  • FEIN: Not Required
  • NAICSCODE: Required
  • QUESTIONB2C: Required
  • QUESTIOND2: Required
  • JOBCATEGORY: Required
  • ANNUALSALARY: Required
  • TOTALHOURS: Required

If you provide data that includes a “NEW”(Type 9) Establishment, feel free to simply create your own UNITNUMBER OR populate the ADDRESS field with a unique identifier of your choice (including the actual address, if you wish).

Make sure you save your populated template file in the CSV format.

Multiple Establishments: EquiCalc will process the Establishments from the top of your CSV file first, continuing through the quantity of Establishments you have paid for.

Aggregated Type 2 Reports: EquiCalc can process your Type 2 aggregate company data based on you individual Establishment files:

  1. If you provide us with Type 2 records in your uploaded data
  2. If you do not provide any Type 2 records and you purchase processing for one more Establishment than exists in your uploaded data, then EquiCalc will provide the EquityTest report for your company-wide Type 2 data based on EquiCalc’s aggregation of that data.
  3. If you file a Type 6 record and want EquiCalc to provide a EquityTest report for your aggregate company, you will need to provide us aggregated Type 2 records.

Please feel free to contact EquiCalc for assistance to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Assistance uploading you EEO-1 establishment-level file(s) to
  • Consulting services collecting data from your corporate records
  • Consultant assisted/performed Pay Equity analyses based on State and Federal rules and expanded explanatory variables and analyses
  • Pay Equity software with easy to use and understand Graphical User Interfaces